When Calculating New Jersey Child Support for one child, are my other Children from Another Family Taken into Account?

As a New Jersey Family Lawyer for nearly twenty years, I have been asked this question countless times. Obviously, as our culture as shifted since the 1960’s, folks with multiple families is quite common. So the answer in a word is, yes. Let’s explore.


If a parent has multiple children, their financial responsibilities to each child must be taken into consideration when determining New Jersey child support. In fact, New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines require consideration of multiple family obligations. In turn, a child support amount will be adjusted accordingly.

Furthermore, previous New Jersey child support court orders are to be deducted from the payor’s gross income. If the prior order adjustment is not made for additional children, they shall be deprived of receiving their fair share of support.

It should be noted that when one claims their “additional children,” from a new marriage, the new spouses income will come into play. Otherwise, their income does not come into the equation. This begs the question, “Well, should I claim my additional children or not?”

The answer is to consult with an experienced New Jersey Family Lawyer in order to determine who will help you make an informed decision as to the best route to follow. My team at the Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein are here to help you.